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We don’t write proposals

But we will coach you how to prepare your own EIC Accelerator application


Because we believe you can succeed

It takes a special company to write its own EIC application. It also takes a special company to win an EIC grant. Not a coincidence.

You need to be determined, hardworking, smart, and well-spoken. You are the most important part of the successfull application. You and the way you develop your innovation and company.

The more work, thought, testing, brainstorming, and drills you put in, the better. It will improve your chances in the EIC Accelerator and help you run a successful business.

At Nabu, we guide you through the minefield of the grant killers and other dubious spots as you prepare your application. The writing must be yours. Using your own voice is what truly showcases who you are.

Our role

We want to increase access to high quality EIC expertise to help companies grow and become stronger innovative players.

We will coach you how to prepare a strong EIC Accelerator application.

Guide you through application process 

Challenge your views & show other perspectives

Find weak points & grant killers

Coach you and check your progress

Type of support

EIC Accelerator Expertise-as-a-Service model

We offer modular support based on evaluating an existing application or helping you develop a new one from scratch. You can pick the entire plan or specific modules as needed.

Evaluation Plan

Training Plan

Interview Q&A Module

Financials Module

Interview Pitch



Ask anything (per h)


You have your EIC Accelerator application (almost) ready

Evaluation Plan

You have prepared your application and would like to eliminate grant killers and increase its chances for success.

We audit all elements of the application and provide you with actionable insights. If you are in a hurry we have a special fast track service.

Reviews and insights

Explainer sessions

Fast track  - 1 week 

You don’t know where to start and need guidance

Training Plan

Briefings & Workshops

Reviews and insights

Training materials & guides

Brussels interview simulation

Get off to a good start with clear understanding of the requirements and expectations involved in the EIC Accelerator.

Our training includes everything you need to prepare high quality application. We will analyze your content and give you actionable insights. You will also get help in planning and managing a realistic timeline.

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